Sadly, my workshops for…

Sadly, my workshops for today got cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Woe.

On the plus side, they offered to pay me anyway. We decided to split the difference, since I did spend some time doing prep work, but I didn't actually have to go in today. Seems reasonable.

Instead, I've been doing an appalling amount of exercising. Weights at the gym, then last night, went out bhangra (Indian club music) dancing with some of the SAPAC folks, then this morning, took a beginner African dance class. I'm sore! But feel good nonetheless.

The rest of the day's a bit up in the air -- clean up some more, I think, and try and finish the minor edits on the novel. Either tomorrow or Monday, I should try to do the serious revision of "Seven Cups" (Bob thinks I can cut a third, eep). This evening, dinner with Larissa Lai (author of Salt Fish Girl) who's here from Canada for the conference. I haven't met her before; hopefully, this'll be fun. Waiting to hear back from her on exact plans now...

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