So I did go through…

So I did go through yesterday and reconcile the timeline, checking against all the notes that David had made. In the process, I found one he'd missed, which made me feel quite smug. Now I've sent the revised book and canonical timeline back to him, and he's checking it again -- and finding *more* discrepancies! Argh! But at least now we have a timeline to use as a firm base -- everything will hopefully get reconciled against that.

Slowly, we progress.

Today's a domestic day, I think -- we're getting painfully short on groceries (down to potatoes and chickpeas and onions, so yes, we could squeeze through one more day if we had to, but it's close, especially since we're also out of canned tomatoes). And some friends are coming by for dinner on Wednesday (we're going to try to cook something fancy together, probably out of Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger). All of which means groceries.

There are also plans afoot to paint my bathroom. To paint it blue -- not a pale, pathetic, wimpy blue, but a deep, saturated, rich blue. Not quite as deep as cobalt, because as much as I love cobalt, I think it's too dark for a bathroom that gets no natural light. But a beautiful, gorgeous blue. I have the paint -- what I need are the supplies: masking tape, roller, that thingie you pour the paint into, whatever else I'm forgetting (am I forgetting anything?). So, Whole Foods and Home Depot. And at some point, working out. And when all that's done -- well, perhaps by then David will have sent me masses of discrepancies for me to fix. Joy. :-)

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