Shmuel reminded me that…

Shmuel reminded me that MP3 files are much smaller than WAV files, so here's a 6 MB version of me reading "Under the Skin". But don't get too excited -- it's just me reading, not really performing it. :-)

I admit to having some desire to go back to the "Silence and the Word" essay and see if I can translate that to a spoken word piece -- but there are really plenty of other things I should do more urgently.

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  1. Speaking of “Under the Skin” when I opened my e-mail this evening these are the subject lines that were displayed:

    [majournal] Mary Anne’s diary updated
    [majournal] Mary Anne’s diary updated
    [majournal] Mary Anne’s diary updated
    fresh indian girls – new to america

    I was thinking of the poem before I saw the subject lines, and the juxtaposition made me laugh.

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