I have an odd request. …

I have an odd request. For an Asian arts festival on April 11th, I'll be performing a spoken word piece with Angeli, about marriage. The stage happens to have a really fancy-ass projection system, and we're being strongly encouraged to take advantage of it. So I was wondering if all y'all could help me out, and e-mail me any digital photos you have from weddings? And I'm of course including the S.F. gay marriage stuff from the last few weeks. I'm particularly looking for sweet and heartwarming photos, to contrast with our rather cynical poem. :-) I'll then take those images, select the ones that seem most effective, and shape them into a slideshow which'll project behind us as we perform. Help?

You can send the photos directly to me as attachments, or if you have them online somewhere, just send me a pointer to the URL. Thanks!

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