Compulsive addendum re:…

Compulsive addendum re: exercise and such -- it turns out that I did actually lose a half-pound last week, at least according to the gym scale. Which just goes to show how imprecise all this is. But nonetheless, we take what measurements we can, and I admit to being quite pleased with what Sarah measured today, with her trusty measuring tape. From the time I started this (about two months ago?), we find 5.5 inches gone -- two from the chest, two from the waist, one from the hips, and a quarter-inch each from arm and thigh. :-)

Spent much of the morning working up the program for the show I'll be participating in this weekend:

Voices of Resistance 3
Saturday, March 6, 2004
7 PM - 10 PM
3rd Floor - United Church
1454 W. Morse Ave. (Morse and Ashland)

If you're local, I'd be delighted to have you come. There's a small charge, sliding scale. I'll be reading (performing, if I can manage to memorize it in time) a slam poem version of "Under the Skin". I think it'll be good. :-)

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