The only advantage to…

The only advantage to waking up insanely early for no good reason is that I get to be the first to wish y'all a happy Valentine's Day. Remember, this holiday is all about the martyrdom of a dead guy who pissed off Claudius. So I recommend celebrating by renting I, Claudius. As an added benefit, you get to see Patrick Stewart with hair (though he looks better old and bald).

Kevin and I have utterly failed at this holiday this year. I used to throw a big party for this holiday, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Party, a gangster-themed dress-up event, which has been a lot of fun in previous years. I felt a little too overwhelmed to try to organize something like that this year, so I just sent out an e-mail inviting people over for pizza and beer. No one responded for a week or so, so by the time someone did, I had decided it was going to be too small, so I just wrote back and said it wasn't happening. Then someone else wrote in, ditto. Then a third person, ditto -- I was feeling guilty by this point, but too lazy to go back and contact the first two people and tell them we were doing it after all. I figured Kev and I would do something mushy instead, what the heck.

Kev suggested going out to a nice dinner. I thought that'd be tricky with the whole diet thing, so I thought maybe we should cook something fancy instead. That was the plan up until a few days ago, when I realized I was too lazy to cook something fancy, and when I asked him, he was just as happy to go out to dinner (happier, actually). But of course, by two days ago, every restaurant was booked solid for tonight. And then Daniel actually called me and asked if I was doing this party thing, and so I said okay, what the heck. And I sent out an e-mail saying it was back on, and to RSVP for pizza. But that was two days ago and no responses, so now I think it's going to be me and Daniel eating pizza tonight and watching Dangerous Liaisons on tv -- if we don't watch something else entirely. So, a failure of organization all around, but hey, I haven't seen Daniel in close to a year, and I'll be happy to catch up with him, and pizza is always good, so it's not as if it's going to be a bad evening. Just extremely not well-planned. :-) I guess I've been using all my organizational skills on the SLF stuff.

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