We could use a few…

We could use a few volunteer moderators for our new Small Press Co-Op forums -- if you volunteer, you're agreeing to check in every few days on the forums, be an Official Voice of Reason, try to keep the discussion calm, productive, on-track. Jay Lake has kindly volunteered to be a moderator; we could use a few more. No experience required; just a cheerful and helpful demeanor and willingness to hang out in that space. And hey -- if we ever do end up charging for membership in the Co-Op, you get to join for free. :-)

4 thoughts on “We could use a few…”

  1. They’re actually listed on the same page as the regular SLF forums, but they’re not visible unless you’re a registered forum member. I’ll get in touch with you, Eric.

  2. The co-op section has a separate registration, or permission thing, or something along those lines. My web guys handle that. 🙂

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