I think it’s sort of…

I think it's sort of funny, the way Foundation stuff progresses in fits and starts. Every few weeks, I get around to answering the backlogged e-mail, and then suddenly ideas are flying and plans are made and something gets accomplished -- a website, or an award, or a newsletter (coming soon), or a new committee/program entirely. And then it just lapses again, until the next time I have a chance to answer e-mail.

This is entirely my own fault, of course, for setting things up in such a way that all authority resides in me. I plan to let that go, bit by bit -- as it becomes clearer which people can handle the authority over their own committee, and also clearer which areas are sufficiently organized that they'll match the general look/feel/ethos of the foundation without my hovering over them. Right now I'm being very control freak-ish, but really, truly, I'll be happy to stop that at some point.

But not yet. I have to make sure my baby is dressed right before I send it out into the cold, after all...

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  1. Erin, we’d be happy to have you — any chance we could get you to sign onto our main staff list? It’s fairly low-volume.

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