Hey — so met with…

Hey -- so met with trainer again today. Lost another half-pound -- these half-pounds are killing me. So damn slow! At this rate, it'll be 2005 before I get to eat normally again...

But on the plus side, my cardio is much improved -- I had to set the incline on the treadmill noticeably higher (and walk faster) to get myself up to a decent elevated heart rate for our workout. So that's pleasing. I do feel more energetic overall, and while I don't feel any thinner, my body feels just a little more toned (mostly around my back and butt). So, micro-improvements. We will persist.

A new sushi place opened up around the corner (hooray for alternatives to Greek food, which I do like but get tired of, living in Greektown). I got a plate of sashimi to take out for lunch -- but when I got home and figured out the calories, it became clear that if I ate all twelve pieces of fish, I'd have eaten all the rest of my calories for the day. Sashimi is supposed to be healthy!! Very frustrating! So I ate five pieces (two salmon, two tuna, one squid), which I estimated to about 400 calories, and I'll have the rest for dinner. On the plus side, it was incredibly tasty. Next time I'll just order it by the piece (not quite as cost-effective, but I just don't love sashimi enough to have it be the only thing I eat all day...). I don't know if this new place will survive -- they're trying to be a Loop lunch/dinner place, and frankly, we're a little far west to really be part of the Loop. But hey, they're giving it a shot. I'll cross my fingers for them...

Churning through backlogged Foundation e-mail now, and putting the Silence manuscript slowly back together (sigh). At least Jed had the list of contents, so it's just cutting and pasting and formatting. A Valentine's Day release was just not going to happen, so we've seriously relaxed the schedule and are now aiming for a May 1st release. I'm going to try to get it done by March 1st (I need to get Katie my dissertation draft by 2/13, so I'll have two weeks after that to solidly work on this), and that gives Steve lots of time to deal with any uploading, etc. and so on.

Hey, I don't suppose any of you are in the area and going to CapriCon on Sunday? There's a meeting I'd like to attend, and a ride would be very helpful.

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  1. A useful thing to remember with doing exercise to lose weight is that added muscle weighs more than fat, so you can actually be losing size while not losing, or even gaining weight.

  2. Zak, I know that’s true, but it’s the sort of thing I try not to think about because it’s too tempting an excuse. 🙂 Although in a few weeks, she’ll be checking my body fat index again, so that’ll give me a clearer idea.

    GAC, I did get your lovely letter and enclosure. Thank you so much! That’s what motivated me to redo my stories page, and I’ve started a savings account specifically for Sri Lanka money. Don’t know if I’ll manage to save up enough this year — but we’ll try, and if not, maybe next year! I’m certain it’ll be helpful whenever I manage to go.

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