Okay, I didn’t do any…

Okay, I didn't do any writing yet, but I did do something useful -- completely revamped my stories page. The first thing I did was go through and change all the .50 donation things to being open-ended (and suggested the $1+ range instead). For a .50 donation, PayPal now takes .30, which makes it really not so useful. I also added an note saying what I'd be using the donations for. I'll be curious to see whether this makes a difference in how much people donate. Normally I get 1-3 .50 donations a week.

Then I broke up the page into three pages, because it was just overwhelming as it was. On the second page, I also added some highlights from the first few years, because frankly, most of the stories I wrote then were pretty mediocre, and I included some annotations, so people would know why the ones I listed were of interest. I'd love feedback on whether the story pages seem more approachable now -- also, if any of your personal favorites from the early years got neglected on the second page, and you think they deserve their own annotation, let me know. The decision on which ones to list wasn't entirely arbitrary, but there were definitely some border cases, and I can probably be swayed.

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