Hey — so I finished the…

Hey -- so I finished the draft of "Challah"! Go, me! It's nice to know that when I want to just sit down and write a story, I can. A little frustrating too, because every time I do this I wonder what would happen if I actually tried to do this every day. Sigh.

Anyway, it's about 3400 words, and one of the shortest pieces I've written in a while, but I think it's the right length. Only four little scenes, but good ones. I've sent it out to the readers' list, so now we wait a day or two to see if anyone has any comments. Then a quick revision, and it joins the stack to be sent to Katie and Francois. I'm trying to decide now whether to wait for their comments on stories before I start sending them out to the little literary markets. I'm leaning towards not, just because I'm under time pressure for this whole literary publication thing.

Hmm...honestly not sure what to do with the rest of today -- I had kind of thought this would take the whole day. I may just rest; I've been feeling oddly dizzy and sort of tired all day. It's been a while since I just vegged out in front of the television; that sounds nice.

Oh, and before I forget -- yesterday I finished Reading Lolita in Tehran. Good book. Recommended.

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