I’m experimenting with…

I'm experimenting with exercising at home, just because a) it's horribly cold, and b) it takes a significant time investment to go to the gym, with the twenty minute walk there, and again coming back. I'm feeling pressed enough for time right now that I don't want to spare that much if I don't have to. So yesterday, I did calisthenics at home for half an hour -- a combination of jumping jacks (most exertion), skipping rope, jogging around my bedroom (why yes, I felt very silly, thanks for asking), walking fast with arms swinging, and toe touches (least exertion). Whenever I felt my heart rate slowing down, I'd do some more jumping jacks. I'm honestly not sure how this compares to a workout at the gym, but by the end of half an hour, I was covered in sweat (yuck -- another part of this whole process that I dislike), so it can't have been a total waste of time.

Calories for the curious: egg and toast and tea (200), rice and the last of the Thai salmon curry (435), banana (170), half-can of beef soup (120), half a green apple with 1 oz. shavings of aged gouda (100), egg and onion and green chili burrito (175), 1/3 of a banana-yogurt-honey smoothie (100); total 1300. Apparently I was feeling nibblish yesterday -- lots of tiny meals. Hungry again by bedtime, but that's probably just because I was indulgent while travelling. I'll adjust back again soon, I hope.

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