Hey, guys. So, the…

Hey, guys. So, the process of data-recovery continues. Slow. I think I've got most of my music back now, except perhaps for the last few months of purchases (which didn't make it onto the iPod). So that's good.

Most of the rest is not good. Sigh.

What I want to do is curl up with a good book. Perhaps because of that, I started up a forum discussion on good literary stuff with genre aspects. I'd love more recommendations, but no one has come over to play with me yet. Come by? It'll also help me test out our new forum system for the Foundation, which I'd appreciate. Keeping busy seems to help.

2 thoughts on “Hey, guys. So, the…”

  1. I sent them a note, asking — there wasn’t anything clear I could find on-site. Hopefully they’ll respond soon. It’s just what I bought in the last few months in any case, so only 3-4 CD’s worth. Annoying, but not tragic.

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