Just for those keeping…

Just for those keeping track along with me:

  • breakfast: 1/2 pita toast (95), over-easy egg (a tiny bit of butter to grease teflon) (80), tea (30)
  • lunch: 1 c. spinach-ricotta ravioli (280) with 3/4 c. artichoke hearts (315)
  • dessert: a little piece of chocolate cake (50)
  • first dinner: 1/2 c. ravioli (140) with 1.5 oz grilled salmon (about a palm-size piece) (85) and 1/2 c. artichoke hearts (25) -- this is about enough food to fill a small plate comfortably
  • second dinner: 1.5 oz grilled salmon (85) with 1/2 toasted pita (95), some salad greens (mostly spinach) and 1 t. low-fat mango dressing (15), to make a small but totally yummy sandwich
  • total: 1015 (15 calories more than ideal for a no-gym rest day, but acceptable, especially given stress)
I'm eating really well -- yummy food that I really enjoy. Food commercials on tv make it harder: Pizza. Ham and cheese sandwiches from Arby's. Pringle's. (I love Pringle's sour-cream-and-onion.) Thinking about cheese can drive a girl crazy. And even though my muscles are all achey, I'm actually looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow, if only because it means I get to eat another 300 calories. That's like adding an entire Subway sandwich to the list above. Mmmm....

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