My computer crashed when…

My computer crashed when I touched it this morning. Argh. We will reserve further comment on this until Kevin wakes up and can look at it -- I tried to force a reboot, and now instead of a happy Mac, I'm getting a little blinking folder with a question mark. That can't be good.

Luckily, we have an infinity of computers in this house (okay, three, but for two people, that's a lot), so I have net. There's probably lots of good work I can do without my actual computer -- but I can't tell, because I can't reach my to do list! Which is on my computer! Argh. Okay, to reconstruct:

  • I was supposed to finish taking notes on The Salt Road and send Nalo my questions on her work for the article. Well, everything for that is on my computer, so can't touch that yet.

  • I'm supposed to put a bunch of stuff in the mail, and request a transcript for a fellowship application, and fax something in. Okay, once I have tea and wake up a little, I can cope with that.

  • I'm supposed to send out a bunch of stories that have been rejected, and send some to Katie, and revise something before I send it. On my computer, no good, can't touch it yet. Argh.

  • And finally, I'm supposed to check that the redesigned Foundation website is now live, as promised, and revise and send out the press release. I think I can actually do that, because the draft is in my shell account, and the revision notes are in e-mail. Okay, so there's the first task for the day, to get the press release out. And okay, I've checked the site, and it's live, and it looks good.

Everyone go look and then tell me how pretty it is, okay? I need some cheering up. A busted computer is a bad way to start a Monday.

2 thoughts on “My computer crashed when…”

  1. It’s very, very pretty!! Nice logo, very nice design. You and your crack team of experts should be feeling the warm glow of pride right about now. 🙂

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