I’m pleased to announce…

I'm pleased to announce the winners of the 2003 Mary Anne's Christmas Cards Awards (and why yes, I did just get around to hanging them up, why do you ask? I'll take 'em down when Kevin makes me, or possibly just before the next holiday, which I think is Valentine's Day...):

  • Classiest: Meriko and Russell, image of pomegranate on front and inside, appears hand-printed, accompanied by quote from Prophet Mohammed "Eat the pomegranate, for it purges the system of hatred and envy." and nice accompanying sentiment: "Wishing you the seeds of love & peace in 2004.", includes hand-written note as well, two sheets of paper which appear hand-sewn together; overall just beautifully done (small red, bottom right of left door)

  • Most Traditional: Luci (my high school English teacher), for her lovely image of a sleigh moving through a very New England-type village. She lives in such a village herself, and keeps a horse in a nearby stable. That's just nice.

  • Trendiest: Melcher Media, for an image which doesn't appear to have anything to do with the holidays at all, mostly in browns (top right) -- I suppose you could claim that that's a very stylized tree in the center. If you were being very generous.

  • Most Surreal: Rich and Pam, with Gorey's image of a tree under glass. You can't go wrong with Gorey (black and white, red border).

  • Loveliest Art: Oh, this is a tough one, because Maggie Hogarth's hand-drawn image of an girl is awfully pretty, and it did come with an original sweet poem as well. And Jae Leslie Adams sent a lovely calligraphed image. But I think Kat Beyer's wood-block-style sunrise, accompanied, by tea and candlelight (the red print, under the Gorey), edges Maggie's and Jae's out. Just barely.

  • Most Adorable: Shared equally between Thida and Katy's cards, because they are blessed with images of their utterly adorable spawn. Although Katy may have a slight edge for also including two beautiful doggies.

  • Funniest: Kitties planning the attack on the tree, which I *think* is from Cecilia and Corwin, though I'm not sure because the signature is illegible.

  • Most Heartfelt: Karen's (top left), because I know she made that one especially for me, and none of her other cards are like it. :-)

  • Most Impressive: All of my friends who actually managed to get cards in the mail and out in the midst of the holiday madness. I don't manage it myself every year, but it's oh so nice to have them all now, so thanks, guys. They make me feel all warm and snuggly when I look at 'em.

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