There’s a new special…

There's a new special projects editor at SH, Kelli Carlson. She's in charge of things like the new forum (to be unveiled shortly, I believe). Kelli's also started the process on putting together the Strange Horizons 2002 and 2003 Best of collections, talking to the editors and selecting material. Presumably within a month or two we'll be announcing those selections. Exciting -- and even more exciting that I don't have to do it. :-) SH is switching from the Year One/Year Two format, so the 2002 volume will also consider the last four months of 2001 (we might make it a little larger, as a result).

I'm finding that I'm tripping up on pronouns a little. I've gotten used to using I/we pretty interchangeably with SH -- the I is no longer appropriate, and even the we is less so, since I'm not going to be directly involved with much beyond the workshops and ongoing publicity/development efforts. Interesting.

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