Okay, so the tech stuff…

Okay, so the tech stuff wasn't too scary, mostly because my tech people seem to assume that if I don't answer a question within a day or so, they should just use their best judgement and make a decision and go ahead. Which is *exactly* what I like my staff to do, especially when their best judgement is quite good. So mostly I got to just say, "Yes, that sound good." That's when it's easy being in management. Smart, motivated, competent people in your staff. Yay! And did I mention they're all volunteers?

Oh, one more thing about the Foundation. We were originally going to launch on January 1st, but with all the holiday travelling, that turned out not to be the wisest plan. So okay, we'll send out the press releases and such in a few days. But you know what that means? That means that there's still a few more days when you, yes, you, could become a Founding Member. This is a chance that won't come again, y'know. And you'll know that your $30 is going directly to support something fabulous. Maybe a short story award. Maybe a novel development grant. Maybe an institutional grant, to a worthy group like Clarion, or a small press like Small Beer. There are many possibilities, and you, you speculative-fiction-lover-you, can sign up. Right now. Right here. You know you want to.

Or, perhaps more importantly, you know I want you to. Can you resist the power of the Mary Anne? And if you can, why would you want to? I only use my power for good, I swear. :-)

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