Lethe now has an…

Lethe now has an ordering page up for the SH Best Of, so if you're telling all your friends about it (please do), that's the page to point them to. Thanks!

Tasks for today (a few leftover from other days):

  • write up Brown Girl / Salt Road notes
  • e-mail Nalo questions for article, start back and forth
  • revise Cheryl piece
  • write Christmas cards
  • send Zak and Rachel contracts
  • compile list of local colleges and send out general letters to any local academic jobs
  • clear out Sears card, close account (woohoo! slowly, slowly, the credit cards get paid off)
  • send t-shirts and mugs to SH fund drive donors
Oh, and of course that reminds me -- if you didn't receive a Christmas card from me last year and would like to this year, send me your address! Reciprocation definitely not required; I understand that in these degraded modern days, the art of Christmas-card-sending is sadly withered and decayed. :-) Mostly, I just like sending cards. Oh, and if you're already on the list but have moved in the last year, please let me know your new address!

I'm actually really waffling on these cards -- usually I just sign them and pop them off, occasionally with an extra line saying "Call me!" for those who have been particularly remiss. But a lot has happened in the last year or two, mostly book-related. I'm thinking about including a little Christmas letter, printed out. What do you think? Do you like that kind of thing when you receive one? Or is it just tacky? I'd like to let people know what's going on in my life, but given what I do, sometimes it's hard not to make it sound like a brag sheet or an ad for the new books. :-/

7 thoughts on “Lethe now has an…”

  1. Oh, it’s not that, exactly. I’m just not sure if Christmas cards are the appropriate place for it… feels a bit weird.

  2. When I receive a commercial card that just has a signature in it, I wonder, why bother? I do appreciate people thinking of me, but I’d MUCH rather get a newsy letter, or even a picture, instead of this impersonal waste of a tree.

  3. I’m a big fan of holiday cards. When I was younger I took them for granted, but as time goes by and my friends are spread far and wide in the world, this is one time of year when it’s wonderful to feel their continuing presence in my life. When I open a card from a good friend and see nothing but a signature I do think it’s a little lame, but I also realise that people who send cards usually send a ton of them and what the hell, it’s fine that they’re just sending a little good cheer. I’m not looking a gift card in the mouth.

    Printed-out letters are not tacky if they’re written with flair and good humor, and addressed openly to everyone (rather than striking the blatantly false pose of speaking to an individual recipient). Think of it as a journal entry in which you’re summing up the year, and it’ll be a pleasure to receive.

  4. I hate to add to your list of things to do, but remember that story that you and Jed were working on for me? (-n, typing from a hotel room in San Diego, snuffling and achy)

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