Heh. I was just looking…

Heh. I was just looking at the SH site, and noticed the thermometer was up to $1200, and I thought, okay, we have $800 more to go, I think we can probably make that by...and then I glanced up at the date/time thing on the top right-hand corner of my computer, and noticed it said 9:50, and thought, yeah, we can make that by the end of the...and then I realized that no, we weren't trying to make it by the end of the day, but the end of the month, and so I clicked on it and saw that we were on November 15th, which gives us 15 more days, which is a lot better than 14 more hours. :-)

I hope that made sense.

We have a house guest -- David S., a colleague of Kevin's, and one I get along with quite well. Which is good, because he's going to be here for ten days. He arrived late last night, and we fed him leftover curry -- oh, that reminds me, I have leftover curry, yay! -- and crashed early, because we were tired. TIRED! For some reason, I slept badly and not enough the last few nights, but last night I slept nine hours and I'm feeling better, if not quite up to speed yet. While David was eating last night, I finished proofing the cookbook, caught a few things I do want to try to fix, plus there's still three more recipes I want to make one last time -- hoppers, crab curry, and seeni sambol. So there's a grocery store run in my near future.

I think I'll serve the crab curry at brunch tomorrow -- with Nalo Hopkinson (who's visiting town), and Nalo's friends, and Jennifer Stevenson, and Karen hopefully, and Angeli. A very girly bunch, except for Jennifer's husband Rich. Who is a theatre tech, and not so girly. :-) Also making a couple of quiches because that's an easy way to get eggs into a bunch of people (most breakfast egg dishes don't sit well, so they're not as suited to casual brunch serving), plus some spicy sausage and some squash soup. Because I love squash soup beyond all reason, and it's squash soup weather here. Mmm...chilly outside, warm inside. :-)

So the immediate plan -- make cookbook changes from proofing, cook hoppers. Eat lunch with leftover curry. Shower, dress, go to grocery store. Maybe cook sausages for tomorrow, since they keep well. Maybe make seeni sambol to have with dinner tonight. Then we come to the iffier part of the day, depending on energy levels at that point: pack up laptop, go downtown, buy bookplates for signed inclusion in cookbook, buy mat for a picture I've been wanting to hang, and then settle down at Borders to start editing the Blowfish anthology. Whew.

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