Exciting morning, but…

Exciting morning, but not in a good way. Woke up at 5 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up. Figured since I was up anyway, and way too groggy to work, I'd dye my hair red. This made perfect sense at 5 a.m. If you haven't dyed your hair, you might not know that this involves wetting your hair first, putting hair goop all over it, leaving it for a while (10-20 min), and then washing it out. So, after I'd put the dye in, but before washing it out, Kevin came to tell me that our hot water heater was exploding.

Okay, exploding is an overstatement, but leaking badly, spilling water all over the utility closet. So we turned off the water -- which left me with dye eating into my head. Okay, not eating into my head yet, but it was heading that direction. Luckily, this is a condo, with a laundry room two doors down, and a big utility sink. So I ended up finishing washing my hair in the sink -- and I was grateful that it was so early, since there was no one to walk in on me in my bathrobe.

A plumber's been called, and I have about an hour to take all the stuff off the utility shelf (so beautifully organized not so long ago), move the utility shelf, oh, and get dressed.

All in all, nothing I can't handle, but nothing I particularly wanted to handle either. Sleeping would have been better.

2 thoughts on “Exciting morning, but…”

  1. Oof, MA! Glad you had a second sink to use in your building!

    Are you using temporary hair dye? I ask because I’ve been dyeing my hair for umpteen years now, and I always put it on dry hair, not wet. But, then, I use permanent color.

    Just curious.

  2. I use level 2, which is temporary, yes. Clariol Natural Instincts — Rosewood, usually, though sometimes I use one of their Exotics line, like Burmese Ruby. 🙂 The times I’ve tried permanent color, it’s been really stinky — but maybe that’s just me.

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