I am in serious…

I am in serious work-avoidance mode. I have read two Bujold books in the last two days (re-read Curse of Chalion and then read the new Paladin of Souls, very satisfying). I have re-read two James White books. I have watched a lot of tv. I have played computer games. I have cleaned (okay, that part's all right). And I have cooked (that's actually good, given the whole cookbook deadline thing). But I have not drafted my academic job cover letter, or my teaching philosophy, nor have I sent out any of the foundation stuff, nor have I -- well, those are actually the two things I'm feeling guilty about. But I'm feeling very guilty. The cookbook's in decent shape, and the Blowfish anthology is at a good pausing point, and I have more fiction to write and rewrite, but I have done a fair bit of that recently, so it's okay to take a few days off, but I must must must get these damn academic job things done. And I'm starting to feel horribly guilty about not sending out the foundation stuff. But I swear, every time I sit down at the computer, I want to get up and call a friend and chat (I've noticed that I have a reasonable schedule for calling four of my friends in one day -- Karen in the morning, since Jeremiah gets her up, David around lunchtime, since it's then late enough in California, Roshani around four, when she's usually back from the hospital, and Jed in the late evening, before I go to bed -- I could do that every day if I wanted to, though they would of course get very sick of me if I did), or watch tv, or read a book, or just putter. Argh. If I can just do four solid hours of work today, I know I'll feel much happier with myself. Where, oh where has all my self-discipline gone?

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