Do you live in the…

Do you live in the Chicago-area? Do you read this journal? Are you a nice person? If you answered yes to all of the previous, then you are cordially invited to:

Mary Anne's Pre-Halloween, Cookbook-Testing, Game-Playing, Movie-Watching Potluck Sunday Brunch/Lunch/Dinner (with optional pizza-ordering)

Sunday, 10/26
11 a.m. - whenever
[e-mail me for the address/phone]

See, I feel like I haven't seen people in forever. And I'm putting out a cookbook this Christmas and I still have some party-type dishes to test for it. So I figure if lots of people come by this Sunday around eleven, then I can feed them, and they can feed me, and I won't have to eat a hundred little appetizers all by myself. And I'll get to see my friends. And maybe make some new friends.

We'll hang out and eat and chat for a few hours, and then around three or so, those of you who are still around can either watch a movie with me (I've got a new DVD of _Identity_ (or rather, Kevin has it, but that's pretty much the same thing), or there's always lots of sf/f movies on our shelves), or play a board game, or both, depending on what people feel like doing. And if we're still going around dinner time, we can either eat whatever's left of the brunch food or order pizza from Giordano's next door. I thought that sounded like fun. And I'm a little too frazzled to deal with costumes this year anyway, so having it a week before Halloween neatly avoids that issue (though, heck, if you want to throw on a costume anyway, or maybe just a tiara, feel free). Kevin might be around too -- or he might not, depending on how social he's feeling that day.

If you have more questions, drop me a line. And, a RSVP would be nice, but not required. And, oh, bring along anyone you like, as long as they're human. Not to be species-ist, but it's tough coping with everyone's allergies otherwise. Feel free to show up later than eleven, though if you're planning on showing up after three, you might want to call first and make sure we're still going. Please do not arrive before eleven. Umm...that's all, I think. Happy pre-Halloween!

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