Drastic revision this…

Drastic revision this morning -- cut a thousand words from "Lakshmi's Diary", and it's so much better. I think it's ready to send out now -- but I might wait until whatever I have at the Atlantic comes back. The editor there likes plot, supposedly, and this story is about as chock full of plot as anything I've ever written. It'll probably only be a few weeks, anyway. Which probably means I'll revise it some more before then.

Need to go out and pick up a few things (coffee, sheets, a sweater) this morning, and then I may actually try to hit the gym. I've been a lazy bum for quite a while, and I think I'm starting to feel it, with a general lack of energy, lethargy. Exercising should help.

Later today -- more revisions, hopefully. Or possibly even a new story; I woke up with one percolating in my head. Two, actually -- two inter-related stories. Both for the dissertation book. We'll see if they're ready to write or if they need to simmer some more. (Just watch me mix those cooking metaphors! :-)

Happy Saturday, people. It's a beautifully crisp fall day here, with the sun brightly shining and my toes a little chilly. A good day to be outside, walking in the sunlight.

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  1. From Dave Barry’s blog:
    It was obviously going to be a Yankees Marlins Series, because that clearly can be rearranged to spell “IRS eyes Sri Lanka semen,” which frankly is just something that we’ve all come to expect from them.
    — Tony Sams

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