So, we’ve had some…

So, we've had some change of plans here -- I was going to go visit Roshani and Karen, but Karen's sick and Roshani had a combination of being on-call and having a mother-in-law staying with her. So we're rescheduling, hopefully for next week. S'okay.

Instead, yesterday I went down to Hyde Park with Kevin. Spent a couple of very pleasant hours at 57th Street books reading the new Tamora Pierce novel -- quite good, if maybe slightly lacking in actual tension -- the protagonist is in very scary situations yet never seems scared at all. Maybe in the sequels. Also did lots of work on the Blowfish anthology -- I now have a tentative list, but I want to check with Christophe whether we can squeeze a few more thousand words in, here and there. Hopefully I'll talk to him today and get back to everyone who's still waiting by the end of the weekend.

Until I talk to Christophe, though, I can't do anything more on that. Similarly, I'm at a pausing place on the cookbook, while I wait for Rachel's illustrations and any last comments people have. Monday, I'll ask David to start proofing it. So I think I may actually work on writing today -- I have revisions to do for many of the Sri Lankan stories. If I can get one of those nailed down and out in the mail, that'll be a good goal for the day. And, of course, there's masses of e-mail to answer, as always, and stuff to do for the foundation...

And hey, if I get really stuck, I can always go back to working on Silence and the Word. Hmm...I wonder if Zak's finished my cover yet...hey, Zak. Call me. I wanted to discuss a few things with you: that book, the cookbook cover, and SH cards and bookmarks.

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