We have a houseguest…

We have a houseguest coming today, a math person Kev's hosting. Which means it's a to-do list kind of day:


    • Sweep the kitchen floor (and I scrubbed the edges for good measure...they were gross)
    • Straighten up
    • Finish rearranging plants from last night's redecorating extravaganza
    • Contact Delia/Gavin re: interstitial arts organization/possible overlap with new foundation plans
    • Give feedback on draft of grant proposal for SH/SF3
    • Buy stamps
    • Buy breakfast food for guest
    • Pick up swiffer fluid, sponges
    • Finish labelling and mail out a dozen subs (mostly more sim subs of "A Gentle Man", plus I e-mailed "Pieces of the Heart" to Glimmer Train and I'm sending "Lakshmi's Diary" to Harper's)
    • Wash towels for guest
    • Spackle holes from old shelf
    • Buy plastic tube at hardware store for art project
    • Clean the bathroom
    • Clean the tv room/guest room
    • Take photo of pork curry (made last night) for recipe book
    • Cook kottu roti with pork curry (make actual rotis if time and test against tortillas)
    • Send department letter forms for recommendation letters (should've done days ago, no idea why I've been stalling on this one)

      Still to do:

    • Revise "Other Cities" and send to Atlantic
    • Repaint various spackled spots if we have the old paint
    • Hang shelf in bedroom
    • Add David's chana masala recipe to cookbook
    • Review crit notes for NJ workshop and send out
    • Send questionnaires to both workshops
    • Invite both workshops to join main mailing list

There's probably more, but that's enough to go on. The exciting news is that yesterday I went out and bought a student edition of MS Word for system X, and now I can print with ease, and my life is so much better I can't tell you. I have no idea why I put up with the old version for so long. I also have Excel and PowerPoint and Outlook now -- not sure whether I'll actually use them, but I have them, so there. Maybe they'll come in handy.

[note: I'm now using this as a checklist, going back and editing the list as I go. Hope it's not too confusing to y'all, but it's making it easier for me to actually keep doing stuff instead of plopping down in front of the tv.]

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