Some of you may have…

Some of you may have noticed that I've been a bit erratic about e-mail lately. No, more so than usual. No, really. Anyway.

I think I'm in nesting mode again. That happened when I first moved out here; some weird part of my brain took over and I couldn't think about anything other than unpacking and home decorating for a few months. And now I'm doing it again -- Kev and I just spent the last half hour hanging up art and moving other art and plants and just stuff around. I may do some more before bed. I've been to The Container Store twice in the last two weeks -- we don't really need much at this point in the way of actual furniture, but small organizational things? One can never have too many small organizational things. Like stacking baskets to put under the bathroom sink. And a wire rack to double your counter storage space. And a little wire basket to store the cell phones and other random electronic devices in. God, I could spend many many happy hours in The Container Store. Did y'all see the episode of Friends where Chandler needed to go job-hunting and Monica was thrilled to have the opportunity to make many color-coded folders of job information -- with labels! I'm well on my way to being Monica when I grow up.

That was not the point of this entry. Sorry.

The point is...the point, I suppose, is that after a fair bit of uncertainty, things are looking mostly somewhat certain now with Kevin and me. (Yes, note all the remaining caveats. We are absolutely terrible at certainty, we are.) But despite hesitations and uncertainty and the occasional desire to run far, far away, as fast as possible...things are actually kind of long-term looking now, or so we decided a week or so ago. And I know, I know, you've all probably been assuming that was the plan all along -- you figured it out long ago, and you assumed we knew it too. As Roshani says, we certainly sound like we've been together forever, and are planning to remain so. So, yes, okay, we're just acknowledging what was already the state of affairs.

And yet. It's starting to feel a little different. A little more...relaxing, somehow. A little more something.

Heh. If you got any actual content out of all the vagueness above, you should pat yourselves on the back. Me, I'm going to go take down one shelf, and think about putting up a different one. This is what makes me happy these days.

I am, I think. Happy.


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