Morning, munchkins! May…

Morning, munchkins! May I please repeat, it's good to be home. Kevin's making us apple pancakes, I've just finished clearing the piles of paperwork off the dining table (which serves as my desk), there's still a cool breeze coming in the window, and my tea is particularly tasty this morning. Mmm....

Plan for today:

  • read more Blowfish subs
  • write up some more recipes for the Sri Lankan book
  • find an illustrator for said book (someone willing to do some simple b/w interior graphics and possibly a cover pic, though perhaps photos of food or spices might work better for the cover) willing to work damn cheap (ideally for a cut of profits, rather than money up front :-)
  • talk to Susan about a bunch of SH stuff
  • talk to Francois at 2 about my thesis
  • and possibly make a commissioned piece of art for Jen K., if I feel like running up to the art store and buying big swathes of glass for it (unclear).
There are some other possibilities, but that'll probably be sufficient to start on. And besides -- my pancakes are ready. :-)

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