Well, as usual, I’m up…

Well, as usual, I'm up earlier than I meant to be -- it's become a pattern for this week. I think I'm actually a little nervous about this workshop, specifically about teaching. I did up notes on what I wanted to teach and sent them to Jed to print out (we had printer grief here last night -- our printer doesn't want to talk to my exceedingly outdated Word 5.1 anymore -- Meriko, help? I'm back now, if you were wanting to send me something...). I've done lots of teaching, as you know -- but not lately! I always get jitters, the first day of the semester, and this feels a little like that. I'm sure it'll be fine once I actually get there, though.

Okay, I need to leave here by 8, so I'd be go finish getting ready. Tea and shower, dress and pack, need to figure out what the weather's going to be like on the Oregon coast -- Portland's claiming highs of 73-80 this weekend, but I'm not sure what relationship that's likely to bear to the coast. Drop ten degrees? Remember to bring a few writing books to show people, Fire and Hemlock to read on the plane (because Farah wants me to do that Tam Lin proposal ASAP -- I re-read the Dean version yesterday, enjoying it immensely, as always). Remember to pack curry. :-) Find some breakfast, which may be tricky, as I don't think we have any food in the house aside from masses of packed curry.

This should be fun! :-)

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  1. The Oregon Coast will be at least 10 degrees cooler. I was there (at an Oregon Coast Writers workshop) this past weekend. The Coast was sunny but pleasant (in my opinion–but I’m weird and get cranky if it gets hotter than 70). I did a check at weather.com before I left, and the range was mid-70s during the day to mid-50s at night. I never wore the jacket I took along, and slept with my window open.

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