And a few last photos…

And a few last photos from England:

The stinging nettle, which is all over the darn place -- if you go for a delightful country ramble, be wary; a brush against this and your leg will be numb and painfully prickly for hours.

Kirsten, flushed with cider at the local pub. :-)

2 thoughts on “And a few last photos…”

  1. But those nettles make a kind of spinachy soup if you mix them with dandelion greens and cook them long enough. I hated it last time I had it (15 years ago!), but people with mature tastebuds said the bitterness was intriguing. So they’re good for something, at least.

  2. The next time I am at one of your soirees,
    remind me to tell you about falling into a
    river..and then pulling myself out by a plant
    that turned out to be stinging nettle.

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