We all knew that Jed was…

We all knew that Jed was cool, but I am thinking that we ought to promote him to minor godling. He talked me through putting spam filters in pine (despite never having done it himself), and I woke up this morning to about five pieces of spam in my overnight mail. I was a little annoyed at having to deal with them -- until I went over to the new spam folder and found 103 pieces there. Oof! I am now a firm convert; spam filters are the coolest. No, wait, Jed is the coolest. But spam filters are pretty damn cool.

Also cool is the fact that I leave the country tomorrow! Cool and scary -- eep! I keep feeling like there ought to be a kazillion things I need to get done, but in fact, there aren't. It looks like I don't need a French visa after all, so all the travel stuff is pretty taken care of (though I need to either go buy toner, or stop by Kinko's and print out my itinerary for nice airport people, just in case). I've packed my clothes, my toiletries -- all that's really left are a few books to read and my electronics, which I'll still be using through tomorrow. So I'm free to futz around on Kevin's project instead.

The painting is almost done; in the next hour, I plan to finish painting. Then once that's dry, I get to add hardware. All of that should go smoothly; it's pretty straightforward. But then comes the tricky bit -- mounting. I'm not actually sure I can do it by myself; I suspect recruiting a friend or two is the best solution. If I could do it by myself, the whole project could be done by lunchtime; it'll undoubtedly take longer. (If it's driving you crazy not knowing what exactly I'm doing, you can certainly e-mail and ask; I just can't post publically in case Kevin reads it.)

The other big things to do today: try once more to figure out how to send Mike my fonts for the book; talk to Zak about the cover; file Blowfish subs on hard drive so I can read them on the plane and in Europe. I'm hoping to respond to everything that's come in by August 15th, so those who don't make that cut at least have the option of sending something else. Promptness should be rewarded, I think. :-) Not promising I'll make that deadline, but I'll try.

And with that -- off for tea.

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  1. Aww—’tweren’t nothin’.

    Anyway, if I were to be promoted to minor godling on the basis of this incident, it would have to be a minor godling of web research and tele-handholding, since all I really did was read you the instructions I found on a web page. 🙂

    Also, it was everyone else’s comments in your journal the other day, about approaches to spam, that led me to finally try this stuff out myself. So, as usual, I think we can credit this to group effort.

    As for mounting, yes, I think recruiting a friend or two is often the best solution for that. 🙂 Speaking of group effort.

    Btw, am uploading photos for you even as I type.

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