Feeling very pleased…

Feeling very pleased with myself -- Kevin's present is finished and mounted, and it looks oh, so good. Okay, it's not quite finished -- it needs magnets. But that one last thing, and then we're all set. Very exciting! I feel all handy and everything...

Took a break to have dinner with Mirna and Shannon (who was kind enough to come by and help me lift very heavy thing) -- excellent appetizer-style restaurant named Taste, very good, and reasonably priced for such fancy food (you can eat lightly for $10/person, and get another appetizer or two if you feel like filling up). Recommended highly, especially the apple ravioli. Mmm....

Now I'm going back to sorting Blowfish subs, with The Lord of the Rings playing in the background. Would you believe that Kevin got me the extended version last Christmas, and that I somehow haven't had a chance to finish watching it until now? There was a hectic six months or so there, after Christmas. I'm feeling much saner these days. My home is clean, too, which helps. :-)

In less than 24 hrs, I'll be on a plane to Europe! Eep!

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  1. for those in Chicago – the restaurant is “4 Taste” – I think there is another restaurant called just “Taste”, not certain however.

    I agree – the apple ravioli were pretty divine.

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