Okay, so here’s your…

Okay, so here's your chance to vote. I'm going to plan on going ahead and doing the new book (tentatively titled Silence and the Word) at somewhere between 150-250 pages; there's really no reason not to. That means it'll be a trade paperback, costing something like $16.95 or so to the reader. You can consider it something of a sequel to Torn Shapes, a collection of my fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, and including a mix of mostly reprints with a few new pieces. I might include a few photographs too, especially if I take any good ones in Europe. :-)

So this question is particularly directed to those of you who might buy such a book (no commitment required), though I'd of course be interested in hearing from any of you with opinions -- what would you like to see in the book? Any particular stories, poems? Speak now, because you likely won't get another chance. :-)

Pieces included so far, just to remind you:

  • Esthely Blue
  • Silence and the Word
  • Johnny's Story
  • Wild Roses
  • Exposure
  • Flowers and Branches
I (obviously?) won't be including anything that appeared in Torn Shapes.

7 thoughts on “Okay, so here’s your…”

  1. so, I’ve got another question that is totally unrelated: how do I get my blog out there and advertised to the masses?

    please help!

    can I list your site in my links maryanne?

  2. I vote for The Poet and the Mathematician. (Or is it
    The Mathematician and the Poet? Sorry.)

  3. Ericka, those two will definitely be in there. You’re welcome, of course, to link to my journal. I don’t have a lot of good advice for getting your journal linked; there were strategies that worked pretty well when there weren’t so many people on the net, but now, I find it just overwhelming. Maybe someone else can be more helpful?

    C.J., I’m thinking about How It Started; not sure. Will keep thinking. 🙂

    David, I’m pretty sure the poet stories will end up being their own little illustrated chapbook, ideally with illustrations by Kat Byer. I definitely want to publish them, but I don’t think they really fit the tone of the book.

    What about poetry? Didn’t you say you wanted some poetry? I can’t seem to decide which of my poems are any good…help would be much appreciated.

  4. Hmmm, I always enjoy your poetry, how about:

    “Guilty Pleasures” is fun, and so is
    “and we go spinning”, and you might like to reread
    “the sock tray”, I find that I hear music in my head when I read “After Rain”, and speaking of rain, I read “Sitting Under a Tree, In the Rain” several times a week (it is on my favorite coffee mug after all). I guess I’m not much help as I can’t seem to find any but good choices for the book…. thanks for an excuse to read over the poems again.

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