(-): lay in bed for…

  • (-): lay in bed for two hours, dozing, unable to really fall asleep, suspect might be a little sick
  • (+++): realized at 2:30 a.m. that it was now late enough to be able to try calling Kevin in Zurich; reached Kevin, talked for over an hour, feel much saner mentally, if still not so good physically
The +'s are winning. :-)

But now I'm wide awake, with lots to do tomorrow, so I really ought to be fast asleep. Guess I'll try to do some of the stuff that doesn't require daylight hours now; some phone calls to automated money-type things and such. Had all sorts of plans for what I was going to do Monday morning, the most urgent one being going and getting my city sticker so I don't get yet *another* $60 ticket, but if I need to be sleeping at that point instead, so be it. Or, alternatively, I can just stay awake another four hours and be the first in line at city hall...which would even give me enough time to pop over to the Swiss embassy before they close at 11...hmm...this plan is sounding better and better. Or is that the 4 a.m. talking?

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