Assessment: (+): …


  • (+): flying in to Chicago, seeing the city, feeling like coming home
  • (-): missing Kevin fiercely while plane circles above Midway Airport, waiting for a break in thunderstorms
  • (+): Anjali meeting me at airport in my car
  • (-): finding three 'we tried' package messages, re: Amazon thingie, undoubtedly birthday gift gone astray -- can only hope still holding somewhere and can retrieve tomorrow; fingers crossed
  • (+): apartment is very clean, due to good houseguests
  • (-): everything is rearranged, due to same good houseguests, v. disconcerting
  • (+): getting mail, sorting mail, v. satisfying
  • (-): Anjali telling me about several car-related tickets (city sticker, street cleaning, etc.) will have to pay -- around $200ish -- there goes Europe spending money
  • (-): getting upset about money stuff overall (somewhat tight presently with all this travelling), having to call Jed for consolation
  • (+): Jed v. good at consolation, also problem-solving
  • (+): some plants still alive
  • (-): see previous for logical conclusion
  • (+): many dumb sitcoms on Tivo
  • (-): no Kevin to watch them with
  • (+): curry waiting in freezer; easy to thaw and heat
  • (-): first forgot to turn down heat on rice, boiling away most of the water, then when did add more water, bring to boil and turn down heat, actually turned off heat instead, took quite a while to figure out
  • (+): Karina called -- hours of chatting while unpacking and rearranging furniture, kitchen stuff, etc., back to normal configuration
  • (+): massive thunderstorm breaking outside
  • (+): discovered jasmine actually budding new buds!!! first since received as housewarming gift from Roshani last summer, v. hopeful, good omen for future
  • (+): called Jed back on video-computer thingie, much smiling, excellent birthday present
  • (-): lag somewhat frustrating; might be better if direct ethernet instead of airport; must dig up another ethernet cable sometime soon
  • (+): v. good houseguests did laundry, have clean sheets for bed
  • (-): now exhausted, have to actually make bed before collapsing
  • (+): can collapse in own bed
  • (-): no Kevin in bed
  • (+): will see Kevin on Friday, in Zurich
Overall: (+), but just barely. Long day.

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