Not sure what I actually…

Not sure what I actually did yesterday...the day just slipped away. We have watched a few movies recently -- The Importance of Being Ernest, which was silly and fun, and The Pianist, which frankly, didn't have enough story to it. The difficulty of working with a true story, I think. Worth watching, but mostly if you particularly appreciate true stories. On that level, it was good.

I spent some time this morning talking to English departments in Chicago, checking to see what, if any, adjunct work might be available for me. A mixed bag, it looks like, since a lot of departments aren't hiring this year, but sometime today or tomorrow I'll send in a bunch of resumes; there's no reason not to at least have them on file. I'm honestly not sure how much teaching I want to do this next year -- Kevin and I need to talk about finances and such, either in Zurich or after we get back. Maybe I'll teach a class -- maybe I'll teach several. All a bit up in the air at the moment. And I'd still like to get to Sri Lanka to do some research, and I still need to learn enough Spanish to pass my language exams, and doing both of those and still graduating this spring may be tricky. Not impossible, especially if I go to Sri Lanka in January or so and do the language stuff this fall, but still, quite possibly tricky. And all requiring money. We'll see.

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