I got up insanely early…

I got up insanely early yesterday (after staying up too late talking with the guests) and took the train to the airport to catch an 8:35 flight to San Jose, only to have my train break down for just long enough that running to catch the plane (and getting very sweaty and out of breath) made me miss it by just about 3 minutes. I could still see it sitting there, but they'd retracted the little connector thingie, and they weren't about to put it back for love or money. (Actually, I do wonder if I might have had more luck if there'd been a flirtable young man at the desk rather than a middle-aged woman, but alas, such was not to be. The woman was kindly, but quite firm.)

So they had no more flights to San Jose, and the next flight they did have was to San Francisco at 2:15. Oof. I couldn't bring myself to turn around and go home, so I called Jed and left him a message, and I read a little China Mieville's The Scar, and I napped in an uncomfortable airport chair, and I had a vanilla latte and a very sad egg and cheese bagel, and I felt like crying pretty much the whole time 'cause I was just so damn tired. Okay, not when I was asleep, but otherwise. I finally figured out that the best thing to do was play computer games, and I thanked Kevin in my head for giving me Stronghold last Christmas -- the last three hours of airport waiting just disappeared into trying to figure out how to defend my poor castle against wave after wave of invading troops. (I didn't succeed, but it was distracting.)

Eventually I did make it onto the plane, where I played for 3.5 more hours, and then finally arrived at San Francisco, where my Jed picked me up and I was oh, so very glad to see him. We drove down the peninsula and stopped to see Arthur and Pam briefly -- Pam is two weeks from her due date, and looks lovely and happy. Short but very nice visit. And then we drove further down, over the Santa Cruz mountains to the house where Kam is house-sitting, where we attended her fourth of July party. Gorgeous house, nestled among trees with a rose garden and a shaded creek; it aroused envy in my little heart. Every once in a while I do long for a real grown-up house, with trees. Lots of trees. And a little water.

Came home and crashed. Today was a very lazy day, a lot of lounging around and munching on bread and cheese, accompanied by a little net and a few more hours of computer game where I finally (finally!) figured out just exactly where I needed to build more castle wall in order to survive the attacks. Tip -- protecting your stone quarry is key if you have barbarians pounding your walls and gates, necessitating frequent rebuilding!

And then Jed and I went out for sushi, and rented some movies, and I came back to find a friendly rejection from Leviathan (hey, Karen, I guess I could use those comments now, since I may want to revise :-). Ah well. And while we were out, Jed bought me a stone of pietersite, which the new age bookstore claimed was good for 'help in times of chaos'. Which is really what this last week has felt like, and I was starting to get very frayed indeed. But I'm in California with Jed, and soon, all will be well. It's better already.

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