Didn’t end up going to a…

Didn't end up going to a movie last night; went to Home Depot instead and bought plants and pots and soil. Then came back home and watched cooking shows and chatted; pleasant evening. She gets off early today (momentarily, in fact), so we're going to drive back to Chicago together. I have some work to do at home (passport / writing / Blowfish project), and then I may run around a bit this afternoon. I have an idea for Kevin's birthday present (birthday not until October, but it's a bit of a project, and if I want to do it without him noticing, I need to do it this week, before I leave for the Bay Area, and then hide it at my sister's place or something). I would tell you about it, but sometimes he reads this journal, especially when he's out of town. :-) But if I have time, I may run around and try to pick up the supplies for it. If it works, I think it'd be really cool.

Tonight, theater tickets for Bounce, Sondheim's new musical at the Goodman. Fun! Tomorrow night, I think I'll try to get together some people to see The Hulk. And isn't this Pride weekend coming up? I think there's some party I'm supposed to go to with Daniel (old friend from U of C) on Sunday...busy social weekend!

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