Managed another…

Managed another thousand, think I'm ready to stop for now. I'm not sure what Roshani and I will be doing for the rest of the day, but I think she gets off work in twenty minutes or so and I want to fold some of the laundry I've been doing for her. No, she didn't ask me to do her laundry, but I'm just puttering around here eating her food all day and reading her mysteries; there's a machine in the apartment, so it was pretty damn easy to just throw some stuff in. And maybe she'll have more time to goof off with me this evening now. :-) I hear there are some movies we haven't seen yet -- though I haven't been hearing good reviews about Alex and Emma, sadly. I may get some people together to see The Hulk sometime soon, though, when I get back to Chicago. Maybe Saturday? Will see.

3 thoughts on “Managed another…”

  1. movies:

    I’ve heard a lot of “don’t bothers” for Alex and Emma, from people I consider reliable. Apparently it isn’t even very good for silly romantic notions, though it’s no fault of the actors.

    For the Hulk it’s either been a love or hate thing. no inbetweens.

    Bend it like Beckman is suppose to be wonderful though a bit slow at times if you’re used to typical hollywood action flicker.

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