Well, now I’m just…

Well, now I'm just confused. I figured before I started chapter 3, I should go back and re-read chapters 1 and 2. And it turned out that a) chapter 1 was hideously long, and b) there was a natural break point about halfway through it, where Swati falls and hits her head. So I did some line editing here and there, and broke that chapter into two, and now, suddenly, I'm magically done with three chapters, all ready to send off to Sharyn. And it would feel like cheating, but I think it's actually better this way. I still have to do the synopsis, which I'll work on tomorrow. I'm going to go ahead and try to write chapter 4 now, just for the heck of it. But it's something of a relief, knowing I don't have that same time pressure to crank out a chapter today.

For those of you who do this kind of thing often -- does 9500 words seem like a sufficient amount for three chapters? That's, what, about 3000 words a chapter, which means that for a YA novel of 60,000 words, I'd end up with about 20 chapters, which is loosely what my outline seems to be suggesting. Right? I have this terrible feeling that I've lost a zero in there somewhere, or added one. Math is hard.


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