Wrote a thousand words,…

Wrote a thousand words, comfortably into chapter 4, stopping because my fingers hurt (out of practice!). I'm going to head over to Mirna's and picture hang, but wanted to make a quick note about my travel plans here -- I'll be in the Bay Area from July 4th - 20th (first week in Mountainview, second week in Oakland). I'm tentatively planning to have a birthday shindig (I'll be 32!) in Oakland on Sunday the 13th (two weeks early, but that's okay :-) -- probably a potluck picnic at Lake Merritt.

If you know me, live in the area, and might want to come, would you please do me a favor and drop me a note? I'm having a hard time remembering who all lives where for some reason -- and I'm not sure I still have everyone's current e-mail. Listing names off the top of my head (some of whom I *know* I don't have e-mails for): Jed, Arthur and Pam, Heather and Tim, David, Kam, Mya, Gerry and Lara, Sarah and Simon, Sharmi and Ryan, Debbie and Alan and Dee, Ian and El and tots, Dan and Nadya, Kate and Becca and Gavin, Jen and Swati, Kris and Dan, Cliff and oh, dangit, I'm forgetting his cool girlfriend's name, Naomi and her physicist, Wendy and Daniel, M'ris and Tim and Mark, Beth and Jacky, Susan and Cadir, Avi and Rom, Zed and...umm.., Patrick and, um, Karen?, Kat B., -- whom am I forgetting? Don't be offended, just tell me! Added incentive -- you get to meet my adorable little sister!

Peripherally, I'm amused by the fact that if you don't know the people above, you can't tell if some of them are threesomes or couples with a kid. :-) There's some of each.

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  1. Hey, you’re younger than me! Not by much, just a few months. I somehow assumed that you were a year or two older.

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