Okay, so here’s the big…

Okay, so here's the big Strange Horizons announcement (and those of you waiting for workshop news should just be patient a tiny bit longer, while I sort out my schedule):

Susan Groppi has officially taken on a new position as Associate Editor (in addition to her jobs as Fiction Editor and Chief Financial Officer) -- this is a training position, which she will be in until at least the end of the year, so that sometime in 2004 (whenever she and I decide is a good time), she can take over as editor-in-chief of Strange Horizons. (This isn't quite as many jobs as it sounds like, since I used to do the CFO job until I sloughed it off on her; it really does go pretty well with being E-i-C. It will be new, having an E-i-C that's also a Fiction Editor. Change is good.)

This does not mean that I'll be leaving the magazine, or that I love it any less. I adore SH, and it just keeps getting better and better. But I'm getting close to the magazine being exactly what I wanted it to be; my vision is being fulfilled. Which means that it'll soon be time for someone with new visions, bright and starry eyes, to step up and lead the magazine onward. Ergo, Susan. :-)

I think it's going to be really exciting, seeing what she brings to the mix. Me, I'll stick around and run the workshops, which we're planning on expanding, and go to cons and publicize like mad, and offer sage advice, and be a general nuisance, with a suitably fabulous title. The fabulous title is key. Any suggestions? It should be respectable enough to go on a C.V., but impressive enough to...well, impress people. :-)

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  1. Hmm…oddly enough, that actually hadn’t occurred to me before, Greg. I guess because I’ve always subsumed the publisher aspects into the editor-in-chief job. I’d have to talk to Susan about the possibility; wouldn’t want her to feel like I was undercutting her position. But it’s a thought, a definite thought.

    I do also like the idea of keeping the word editor in my title; before this, I was leaning towards Senior Editor — a bit bland, but respectable. I suppose there’s no reason I couldn’t have multiple titles:

    Mary Anne Mohanraj, Publisher and Senior Editor

    That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


  2. In the dot com world, “Founder” and “Co-Founder” were impressive. “Senior Partner” (perhaps too financial)… “Founding Mother”, “Founding Editor”…”Editor since the Dawn of Time”… I’ll put some more thought in. 🙂

  3. Editor Emerita does sound classy, but it suggests that you
    are no longer directly involved, i.e. that you are retired. How involved will you really be?

  4. Yah, I think I want to save Emerita for when I’ve retired from the mag entirely. I think Wendy’s suggestions are fun, but a little too fun for the purpose. Founder is useful, ditto Executive Editor. Will consult with Susan and see what she thinks. Thanks, guys!

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