Packed up the diss….

Packed up the diss. manuscripts, ready to send out to David, Jed, Francois (Mirna will take Sharmi a copy, and Karen will pick up hers). I'll probably drop them in the mail tomorrow.

About to start working on the CYO stuff -- and so I stopped over to Amazon, to see that yes, they're available for sale, and Kathryn has a reasonably high sales rank (around 50,000 at the moment), but that it also has a one-star review! :-( :-( :-( No comments, just the single star. Somebody out there really doesn't like me, I guess. I would adore it if those of you reading and liking the book would please go over there and review it, or at least rate it. Pretty please? And if you want to read and review it but can't afford to shell out the cash and are willing to read it on-screen, I'd be pleased to send you a RTF -- just ask. If you *are* planning on buying it, please buy it soon -- through Amazon or a big chain or your local bookstore -- doesn't matter which, but it does matter that it be bought quickly -- in the first week if possible, which is now, or in the first month at the latest. That's what Penguin will be looking at when they decide whether to continue the series. (Ditto for Classics, of course.)

One star. Sadness. My old collection is still at 4.5 stars; this rating makes me feel like I've gotten much, much worse in the intervening ten years...

4 thoughts on “Packed up the diss….”

  1. Ignore the one star!! Since there was no comment given, I’m sure the one star was either a mistake or just a random act of maliciousness. If someone really didn’t like you, they would post a scathing review. This is just an anomaly, and not an indication of the quality of your writing in any way.

  2. Looks like it takes 5-7 days for new reviews to get posted, so a suggestion for the next book, perhaps early readers can be asked to write reviews a week or so prior to the release date so that the (hopefully positive) reviews get up during the crucial first weeks.

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