Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. Okay, so we're finally starting to get back to normal around here (where normal is defined as pre-November, or whenever it was that I started writing those CYO books, which were followed by mad exam studying). I'm starting to feel like I can breathe again. Nice.

This doesn't mean that I have no work left, of course. There are all sorts of things that I was supposed to do months and months ago that I'm dealing with now. And some things that I'm just supposed to do now. Yesterday we heard that Mirna got her apartment (yay -- she'll swing by and sign the lease today), and we returned stuff at Home Depot (and picked up a small orchid and a huge hibiscus), and we stopped at the Crate and Barrel Outlet, just so she could see what they had (and I bought dishtowels, because mine are almost dead, and a little organizer tray for under the telephone table). In the late afternoon, I had a phone meeting with Duncan and Betsy (the publicist from Penguin), discussing some options for publicizing the CYO -- I need to spend half an hour or so following up on that today. And then I talked to Duncan some more, and then to some authors, about the potential follow-up CYO's. And I edited all my sister's graduation photos and put them up on Ofoto so family members can easily order nice prints. And we went to my aunt's place for a few hours in the evening. Good day.

Today I stay at home, I think, and maybe make a nice dinner for Kevin and Mirna (though we'll probably eat before Kev gets home), and try to get through the stack of leftover projects. Off the top of my head:

  • deal with CYO promotion stuff, travel plans
  • send out info on SH summer workshops
  • get SH year one POD in motion, finally
  • perhaps send out mass mailing to SH illustrators and get more Cafe Press mugs made up?
  • consider SH year two illustrated poster (probably unwise, since we still have lots of year one -- but maybe we could manage a small print run)
  • talk to Zak about poster and bookmarks
  • announce big news about SH
  • download all the photos on my camera and spend many hours sorting them out
  • write up WisCon trip report? (Was much fun -- is there more to say?)
  • unpack from trip
  • send out first drafts of dissertation project to Francois, Karen (unless I should just hand it to Karen while she's stopping by before leaving town?), David, Sharmi -- oops, which is more copies than I have, so make more copies -- anyone else willing to read and critique the whole 180 pages or so? It'll cost me $20 to copy and mail, so you have to promise to really read it and send me comments
  • research cost of duplicating CD's for UHGCC grad conference
  • buy baby shower gift for Suzette, and bridal shower gift for Dolly (Lisette's sisters are having a big weekend)
  • nap? read a book?

9 thoughts on “Morning, munchkins. …”

  1. I hate to suggest printing a long draft on paper when we could just do it electronically, but my email access during the time I’m away will be flaky. So handing me hard copy is the best bet. Hey, trade you a sewing machine for a chunk o’ dissertation…

  2. This sure sounds klutzy, but I also want to help you if there is anything I can do. I am also Tamil, oringally from SL (say four generations ago ;)) and if there is anything you could want me to comment about the stories, the settings email me a copy and I promise, promise that I shall sincerely comment. 🙂

  3. Well, I’d be happy to read and comment, but on another perhaps even more practical matter – I’d be happy to have you stop by my office and print out the drafts (double sided even if you like!) on my nice high speed printer/copier – would save you some money (and weight).

  4. Hmm…I appreciate the offer, Shannon, but I think I only need to print out a few more, and I’m having Kinko’s coil-bind them as well, and put a cover on, for durability. Maybe for the second draft, I’ll take you up on that!

    Meenzie, I really appreciate the offer — are you sure you’re comfortable with an electronic version? I’m happy to send a print if it’ll be easier — I just want to be sure the people I send them to will comment!

  5. You didn’t really ask for opinions, but you get mine anyway. Disregard as necessary. 🙂 I’d vote agains a “year 2” illustrations poster. I have a “year 1” poster, and the pictures really lose their impact being reduced to such a small size. I know it’s not egalitarian, but I’d rather see a nice poster of just one of the illustrations (the one with the most votes from the poll, perhaps?). I think it would be a better product and far more visually appealing. ‘Course the artist may not be happy about it, since it would cut into print sales, potentially. I dunno. 🙂

  6. Hmm…that hadn’t occurred to me at all. I’ll talk it over with the staff…thanks! What would you think about featuring the top three winners? Or the top five? Still too many illos?

  7. What about a less expensive medium than large posters? Postcards would be one suggestion. If you have an illustration which is significently vertical, bookmarks might be another.

  8. Hmm — we were planning on doing simple bookmarks, with just the SH logo, and I think that’s still a good way to go. But postcards — hmm…interesting. Easier to transport, certainly. Of course, you’d run into the problem that the image would be reproducing pretty small, but maybe that wouldn’t be such a big deal…

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