I’ve had a nice few days…

I've had a nice few days of rest -- which I needed desperately -- but I'm feeling pretty much back to normal today, so I think it's time to get back to work. I made a chicken curry and a mixed vegetable curry last night; it felt good, cooking and eating normally again. Also nice to have a little curry on toast for breakfast -- that chili powder wakes you right up! :-) Finishing my first mug of tea and getting ready to face the day...there's a whole pile of things to get done. I cleaned the kitchen this morning (sorely needed), with just two particularly sad pots left to soak in the sink. Some more cleaning and laundry through the day, plus getting through just a massive pile of backlogged e-mail.

I have to send Duncan a brief paragraph on a third aqua erotica book, a blurb that they can use to try to convince Random House that they want to do another (the second book did fine, but not nearly as well as the first, so it's unclear whether there'll be a third). I also have a pile of promotional stuff to do for the choose-your-own books -- talking to the guy who did the website for the books, for example, and trying to schedule a lunch with the books' publicist when I'm on the East Coast (for my sister's graduation). The website looks pretty good, actually, with nice excerpts from both books -- I think I might try to convince them to take the excerpt slightly further, so that readers actually have the experience of choosing a path. But that may be difficult with the sort of interface they appear to have set up. We'll see.

And aside from that...well, there's this YA novel dare that I sort of signed up for, and this other novel that I've vaguely been thinking about, and of course there's my dissertation project that needs work, and I have a pile of rejections to process (Yale Review, etc.) and stories to send out again -- so I think I'd best get back to actually being a writer, instead of just a grad student. It's more fun. :-)

2 thoughts on “I’ve had a nice few days…”

  1. As I recall you are already in
    the middle of a novel which
    has been on hold for a while.
    Is this the YA novel you are
    referring to???

  2. That’s the first one, the sort-of-YA novel. The protagonist is a teenager, but I’m not entirely sure that it’ll end up with the feel (or the length) of a YA novel. Just have to wait and see…

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