Hey, munchkins. Sorry…

Hey, munchkins. Sorry if I've been cranky or abrupt at anyone in e-mail or on the phone lately; I think I'm still coming down from the exams, and being antisocial at odd moments, or, more accurately, for long stretches of time, best occupied by obsessive playing of computer games, which is most of what I did today. Kevin gave me a new game yesterday, for our anniversary (I didn't get him anything, because I am still a very tired puppy) -- a castle sim game, much fun. I haven't done anything else today.

But before I started playing that, we went to the most exorbitant dinner either of us has ever had (by a factor of five or so!). We went to Charlie Trotter's, and spent three languorous hours eating tiny morsels of delectable yumminess, accompanied by astonishing wines. They sent us home with copies of our menu and wine list (we'll be picking up some bottles of the dessert wine, an actually affordable $15 Moscato d'Asti Saracco 2002 which was our favorite of the nine wines we tried -- like drinking the chilled essence of oranges and ice wine grapes, with an undertone of subtle spices).

It'll be a long long time before we can afford to do something like that again, but oh, it was so much fun! And we stole some yellow tulips from the table, which are sitting by my computer at this very moment. (Okay, stole makes it sound more exciting than it actually was -- we asked if I could take one, and the waitress grinned and pulled out three.) All night Kev was just as sweet as sweet can be, and I wore a red silk dress with a scoop neck and my gold hoop earrings -- I felt like the belle of the ball with my sexy short hair -- oh, and this new cut -- absolutely perfect for those little kisses on the nape of your neck...mmmm...

Lovely anniversary. Pretty much a perfect night. Yay, Kevin! :-)

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  1. Thank you for the glimpse of Charlie Trotter’s, and a belated happy anniversary. I hope to celebrate one of my own milestones there someday. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Peg. 🙂 We were definitely the youngest people there; the older people looked so comfortable, so nonchalant — it’s interesting to imagine a stage in life where eating there wouldn’t be a tremendous extravagance that then entailed cereal and sandwiches for the next three months… 🙂

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