Sixteen and a half pages…

Sixteen and a half pages -- I'm aiming for about forty (ten per book), so in theory, I'm about a third done. In practice, I'm not so sure, because about eight of those pages on Frankenstein now seem to me rather tangential to the main argument. I hope I can keep them, but if not, I'll need to expand the other section of that analysis. Still, Frankenstein is at least nominally done, and Tristram Shandy is jumping along quite merrily. If I don't goof off too much, I should be done with it by 10 or so. Midnight's Children will be primarily an extension of the Shandy argument, with a dose of magical realism tossed in. If I can finish it by 2, I'll be a happy camper. That leaves me a nice chunk of time to consider my final book. It may be A Hundred Years of Solitude -- that's the most obviously thematically connected, but the problem is that I haven't re-read that novel in a while, and I may have to spend a few hours reviewing it before writing about it. One of the shorter novels might be a better choice. I'm going to wait and see -- there's still half of Sterne and all of Rushdie to get through before I decide.

Tired, but hopeful. That's me.

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