Okie, maybe the gym…

Okie, maybe the gym wasn't such a good idea. I made it home, with groceries, even, but oh, so woozy.

Perhaps taking a break and watching the recorded Smallville will help.

4 thoughts on “Okie, maybe the gym…”

  1. No. Watching the most recent Smallville will not help with anything. Unless you’re trying to come up with the willpower to never watch television again, in which case Smallville might be on your side.

  2. Oh, come on — I didn’t think it was that bad. Was it? Has my brain become so muddled that I can’t tell when tv shows are bad? It’s possible, I admit…

  3. I missed that one. Was there a lack of Lexy smoulder? Because that’ll rob an SVille ep of its will to live, right there.

  4. Aw, Susan’s just crabby. It was fine. Not one of the most brightly shining episodes, but still a good little piece of the puzzle.

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