In other news, still…

In other news, still sick, but feeling better. The nice weather is helping -- I went out for a few hours to run errands yesterday, and today, I may go find a nice grassy spot under a tree to read in. I read Derrida's Writing and Difference yesterday (and may I just say that it's a damn good thing I'd read two of the denser essays in class previously, or I would have been utterly lost), and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Somehow my fuzzy-headedness from being sick might have actually made it easier to understand Derrida. :-)

Today I do a whole bunch of notes (that's the task from 10:00 to noon), then read Gates's "Race", Writing, and Difference. I'm basically going chronologically through my list, reading the titles I hadn't hit in my earlier scattershot approach -- it's somehow much more motivating, doing it in order. Maybe because it gives me a clearer sense of accomplishment -- I can glance at the list and see how far I've gotten, how much I'm finished with. This was my original plan for doing this reading; I wish I'd stuck with it. Ah well.

60 degrees right now, heading for a high of 83, and 82 tomorrow. Oof! Back down to highs of 60ish after that, though.

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