Kevin’s home! And…

Kevin's home!

And Karen, he likes the elephant, but isn't sure about the curtains. We may just put up a small curtain over the bedroom window instead, to block the excess light, and leave the living room ones alone. Which is fine with me. May actually use some panels of the ones we bought for the bedroom, might get something heavier. Hmm... I wonder if those drapes would work over the closet, instead of the French blinds that never did come out quite right. It's something to consider. And oh, thank the gods, it looks like he's giving up the silly Atkins diet. We can eat together again, and I can stop buying masses of cheese and sausage and bacon. Maybe I can actually get him to go to the gym with me instead...

Kevin's home!

:-) :-) :-)

2 thoughts on “Kevin’s home! And…”

  1. The Adkins diet is not silly! It leaves me feeling
    WONDERFUL compared to when I was eating starch
    & sugar. I hope Kevin reconsiders.

  2. Sorry, David — anything which makes you give up a normal quantity of rice (and yes, I’m defining normal as based on my Asian heritage) is silly in my book. I’m not claiming it’s unhealthy — just silly. 🙂 Not to mention that it made it impossible for Kevin and me to eat regularly together…

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